Mt. Olive Junior Wrestling Association


Q.  How do I sign up my child for Mt. Olive Junior Wrestling?

A.  Please go to our Registration page here

Q.  What is the cost of the program?

A.  The cost for the 2020-21 season will be $150 per wrestler. Clinic will be $75. This includes registration as well as a t-shirt.

Q.  How old does my child need to be to wrestle?

A.  All children in grades K-8 are welcome.   We try to make our practices fun and age appropriate.  Children are grouped at practice by weight, age and experience.

Q.  Is the program open to girls?

A.  Yes, while there are very few girls involved in wrestling and none currently in our program, they are certainly welcome to join.

Q.  What is the practice schedule and where does the practice take place?

A.   Practice Schedule is to be determined.  

  • ​JV/Varsity ~ 3x/week
  • Clinic ~ 2x/week

Q.  Can parents attend practice?

A.  Yes, parents are welcome to attend all practices.

Q.  Will my child be wrestling kids older, bigger or more experienced?

A.  Wrestling is governed by weight class.  Therefore, a wrestler will almost always wrestle others within a few pounds of their weight.  It is possible, but that some more experienced wrestlers may wrestle slightly above their weight class - but we do our best (especially at younger levels), in coordination with other teams/coaches, to match wrestlers of skill and size whenever possible.

Q.  Does my child have to participate in tournaments?

A. No

Q.  Can I volunteer to coach or help in any other way?

A.  Please go to our Contact page to contact John Bienus.

Q.  What are the wrestle-off guidelines?

A.  Click link below.